Whats Up, Bro? Episode 6: Quarantine Confessions


Saturday, Aug 14, 2021

Everyone has that one experience in life that leads you to your true calling in life. Be it an eye-opening epiphany, or if you simply want to do things for the fun of it, everyone has their own reasons. This begs the question, what led the Lasallian Brothers to choose the life they live now?

We’re running it back this week! Tune in and catch the latest episode of the What’s Up Bro? podcast with DJ Cora and Br. Weegee, as they ask Br. Mico and Br. Vince their own personal experiences that led them to choose the life of a De La Salle Brother!

Last one there is a rotten egg! Not really, you’re all cool, so join us through our socials on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube!

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